Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

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First Name * Mike
Last Name * Philbin
Username * hertzchim
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality English
Languages EnglishFrenchJapanese



Availability: Freelance
Website mikephilbin.blogspot.com


2005-2009: Rebellion Entertainment, Oxford.

* Character animation/editing and combat design for PSP "Star Wars" game.
* Character Animation for the PSP title “From Russia With Love” for EA.
* Character Animation for the PSP title “Gun: Showdown” for Activision.
* Conversion work on the EA game “The Simpsons”.

Job Specialisation:
* 3D animation using Character Studio, as well as other conversion/blending tasks through Motion Builder into 3DS Max format.
* Tailoring of character data conversion so that it worked within the Rebellion ASURA engine.
* Mentoring of new candidates to get them up to speed using internal tools and 3DSmax.

2000-2004: Sick Puppies Studios of Empire Interactive, Oxford.

* Lead character artist and animator on the PC game Ghost Master.

Job Specialisation:
* Duties included not only creation and skinning of character art for animational tasks but also encouraging the other animators to enhance and fully explore the real character of their animations.
* I took Ghost Master to the E3 trade show to demonstrate and help sell Ghost Master to publishers and peers.

1996-2000: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Cambridge Studio.

* Landscape and character artist / animator on PlayStation title MediEvil.
* Ingame cutscene animation and character animation work for MediEvil2.

Job Specialisation:
* Given free reign to suggest amendments to my chosen in-house packages and chart their progress through advanced theoretical, functionality and QA checks to ready it for the frenetic production phases ahead.
* Compiled an in-house Art Bible that laid down specific dos and don'ts for real-time art content generated for PSX.